Why Google Updates Are Bad for Bloggers (Good for Google and SEOs)

As I watch my blog crash again for the 3rd time in less than 12 months, I can only empathize with so many other bloggers who are also feeling the effects of another Google update.

Google is not our friend!

“G” is a business driven by the bottom line and all the changes going on are to increase their profits regardless what spin Matt puts on it about improving search results.

Bloggers, especially those who are new, will be squeezed out of search rankings by the changes Google is pushing out and what will be left is marketing fluff created to drive sales.

Effects Google Update April 2013 screenshotWho stands to benefit from these new changes?


…And, SEO businesses.

I predict for the next few quarters that Google’s advertising revenue will double, or even triple, due to all the businesses that are being hammered by the updates.


Because many of these businesses that were seeing regular organic traffic (that was converting into sales) have seen this source of leads plummet in April 2013.

What are they to do now that they have fallen from SERP page 1 to page 100 other than pay Google for advertisements!

Which ironically is Google basically selling links which they themselves penalize others for doing. Hypocrisy!

SEOs Windfall

The other windfall will be the rash of business SEO’s will get from B2B and B2C’s  that can no longer handle the rigger of writing content, building links, and tweaking SEO themselves for their own website or blog.

No, they will need to pay someone else to do this while they focus on the customer service.

(Literally) No More Joe the Bloggers

Yes, the deck is stacked against Joe or Jane the blogger who just want to share their ideas and thoughts.


Because what it will take for them to get traffic is a well-organized strategy of topic researching for low competition, high traffic niches, which are becoming harder to find with all the passive income dreamers.

Then they will need a systematic approach to writing and publishing content that covers SEO and social requirements so they can get every bit of SEO juice out of their hard work.

Nope, Google isn’t our friend…

…and doesn’t even want bottom feeders to survive on one or two visitors a day!

They want to kill any website or blog by sending them as far back in SERP as possible and that’s probably why Google added more indexing capacity on their recent update.


Sure, you can go out and buy a new SEO tool to build links, or pay someone to do it for you…

…or bite the bullet and buy advertisements to get traffic, but that’s just feeding the frenzy of a dying water hole.

The Gold Rush is over!

It reminds me of the national geographic I once saw about crocodiles.

Basically as the water hole shrinks the Crocs just start eating each other until there’s only one big Croc left in the mud which will be Google.

Update – Supporting Data

I found these 2 articles on 4/18, just 9 days after writing this post.

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