3 SEO Predictions: Consolidation Is Coming…

SERPSWhile all the SEOs are buzzing around blogging and talking about Google updates, content marketing and social networking, I’m predicting other big SEO changes are coming…

SEO Predictions for 2013 and beyond…

This article is a high level of the future I predict (or already see) coming too most SEO businesses and bloggers (follow up to the evolution of SEO).

Referencing history as our guide – think about what’s happened in other industries over the years.

Banks for example have consolidated down to 4 or 5 since 2008…

…and there are really only 3 or 4 Social Networks now in the US, and if new ones pop up they get bought out by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.

What’s in my Crystal Ball:

1. SEO Consolidation

Because the pool isn’t big enough for thousands of small fish, the consolidation of SEO companies is just “Business 101”.

I foresee very soon (if it isn’t already happening), we will hear stories about big SEO companies buying smaller SEO companies to get at their customers, techniques, patents and talent.

This will start slow and quickly ramp up as competition for this market space intensifies.

Longer term what will be left is BIG search (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) and BIG SEO (TBD).

They are the “Yin and Yang”

Don’t believe me? Watch and see…

2. Bloggers Loose their SERPs

Another prediction I will make (which is already happening) is the downward spiral of most privately owned blogs with high ranking big money keyword SERPs.


Because competition with big business and real brick and mortar businesses is forcing the hiring of SEO companies to target these keywords.

It’s not just Google updates that are burying us in search rank, you are a target on some SEOs spreadsheet.

Once again it’s just “Business 101″…

3. A & B List Bloggers will Become Targets

And for prediction 3…

…I see the day of the good old boy blogger network coming to an end as they become targeted for take overs (or they will be hired by the Big SEO company).


Because SERPs will be owned by businesses that have invested the most $$$ into SEO…

…and SEOs will have to deliver on this investment by knocking off these websites and blogs (or owning them).

Don’t believe me? Watch and see…

Am I suggesting we just give up?

No – but the reality is – it will be harder and harder for the average blogger to get any traction regardless how much time they invest into backlinks and social networking (it’s already happening).

There’s just too much money at stake and low cost teams of SEOs (virtual assistants) working around the clock from India, The Philippines, and Europe are already at work nibbling away at your SERPs…

Oh, for a while there will be pockets of blogger and SEO resistance that will still dominate local areas and regions, but longer term they will sellout (or lose out) to Big SEO that want their market shares, too.


I could be wrong but I don’t think so because I have history to prove my point.

Let’s watch and see if we hear about popular bloggers or SEOs blogging about a great offer they received from a Big SEO company.

When these posts start to show up, it will be conclusive evidence that my predictions are valid and more will be coming once the news starts breaking…

Be on the lookout for any news from your favorite blogger boasting about their job offer.

Little will they know (unless they have read this article) that they have just sold out to Big SEO.

Don’t believe me? Let’s watch and see if my SEO Predictions come true…

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