SEO Changes Keep Coming (Nowhere to Run)

Google ChangesDon’t Fret when SEO Changes Keep Coming…

As I predicted a while back in my last post 3 SEO Predictions, the ground has already started buckling.

Google posted higher than expected profits, which I think is BS, because they knew all the changes would cause a windfall in advertising.

Any business out there that relies on search to bring in sales is going to pay for traffic now that their links have fallen out of tops rankings.

I don’t believe Matt Cutts for a minute when he feeds us the BS about better search – it’s all about advertising sales for Google.

Now there’s a new update that G has pushed out that will hit websites once again with other unknown changes.

As I read the top SEO sites, they are all still trying to figure it out; and the real scary thing is it was out 30 days and nobody knew about it until now.

So what works now for SEO?

Who knows? And if you pay for SEO today it might be blasted by a new update tomorrow…

My thoughts on the subject are to just create content and forget about all the tricks trying to game Google.

Focus on great content and on-page SEO and if Google for some secret reason finds your content relevant they will promote it in rankings, no need to fret that’s just the way things are now.

If you read my last post I predict a consolidation in SEO companies which I still think it is coming. SEOs will just become SEMs and will become advertising brokers that set up PPC and social marketing,

What we’re seeing is only the beginning, soon the other big search engines will follow suite and organic search will be a thing of the past. Good luck!

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