Traffic Report Post Test to See if URL Theory is Correct About SEO

onpage SEONew Traffic Report Test to validate new URL SEO Theory

After tracking the first traffic report test post over the last 2 weeks, I’m ready to try something important I noticed while researching SEO on popular websites.  What I noticed was it seems like there is more “rank” given to a search result when the URL is a 100% match on the keyword or phrase.

In this traffic report test, I have set up the post as follows:

This post is called: Traffic Report Post Test to See if URL Theory is Correct About SEO

and the url is: <- My keyword phase is a match on the URL.

Up until now Google has not ranked my sight for the keyword phase and if this theory is correct them my adjustment will be to use longtail phases in the title but matching keyword in the URL.

Traffic Report Test #1 Assumption

I think this test is already conclusive on ViperChill’s recommendation about using matching keywords domains with the (dot com). In little over 2 days has taken #1 rank on Google search for the search phrase of “traffic report hq” and #2 for “traffic report headquarters”. Unfortunately neither of these phrases get many searches.

Traffic  Sparkline started – June 14, 2012

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