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About this Web Traffic Test

As a test for my Traffic Travis vs Market Samurai comparison, I decided to choose the keyword phrase “Search Engine Placement Optimization” with medium SERPs, 2140000 and relatively difficult competition.

As you can see from the screenshot about all the red indicates the exact phrase is not what is being optimized by the competition.

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Search Engine Placement Optimization - traffic report HQBroad vs Exact Phrase Matching

I chose this test to see if broad vs exact phrase matching makes a difference, and if it does what factors are the key.

I’m also testing the word count to see how important it is if you have chosen a keyword phase that seems easy to rank for based on the data…

…but you don’t have a lot of content (less than 200 words).

Point being a lot of words doesn’t mean high quality content.

I’ll include a couple of screenshots from Traffic Travis later to show what changed (granted something does change).

The goal is to see where the search engine placement for this post ends up using only keyword choice (based on competition and SERPs) basic title, description, URL, and on-page optimization.

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