3 Ways that Help Generate Organic Traffic to Your Website that Work

Organic traffic, rules!

Organic traffic is what this post is about; and chances are you read the post description on Google’s, Bing’s or Yahoo’s search results, and that led you here – which means one or all of the 3 methods discussed in this post worked.

I’ve been running an organic traffic tests to verify if the tips and tricks posted on some of the more popular blogs actually do work. My tests are inconclusive so far but what I can report on is the following:

Note: The picture is part of the organic traffic test.

Traffic Report #1 (Organic Traffic)

1. Matching the “Domain Name” to a keyword or phrase is an absolute requirement. My test resulted in #1 rank on Google search results (for the domain name – Traffic Report HQ) within days of setting up the website.

2. Writing eye catching and unique post titles and description that use keywords and phrases is an absolute requirement. Target keyword of this post is “organic traffic”. Is that what you were searching for?

3. Using keywords in bold title to breakup the paragraphs, as well as using keywords in Alt tags, descriptions and file names of images.

Organic Traffic Report Summary

In summary, make sure the domain name is the keyword or uses it (dot com), write unique titles and descriptions that will catch searcher’s attention that include keywords, and finally – use keywords in graphics: file names, titles and Alt tags.

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