How to Insert H Tags in a WordPress Post

Step by Step Header Tags

Are you a new blogger who is looking for step by step instructions for inserting “H” tags in a WordPress post?

In this lesson I will show you how easy it is using the toolbar in the WordPress post editor.

What is an H Tag?

In case you don’t know what an H tag is – it is basically a Heading Tag, but because the HTML code is <h3></h3> (example is for Header 3), it’s called H for short.

Steps for inserting H Tags:

Step 1. Start by highlighting the text you want to add an H tag to. In my example I have highlighted “How to Insert H Tags”.

Step 2. On the tool bar, click the drop down arrow next to the paragraph button. You can now scroll through the formatting tags.

Step 3. Chose the Heading. For my example I chose Heading 2.


tool bar

3 main Header Tags (formatting used):

  1. H1 Tag Formatting (Used for titles)

  2. H2 Tag Formatting (Used for subtitles)

  3. H3 Tag Formatting (Used to start a new topic)

Other Common Formatting (formatting used):

wordpress formatting

  • Bold (Used for emphasizing)
  • Italics (Used for separation)
  • Bold Italics (Emphasizing a separation)
  • Bullets (used for creating lists)
  • Numbers (used for creating numbered lists)


This lesson covers the basics for how to insert an H tag.

I personally don’t use too many in my posts because they tend to be distracting, but properly placed header tags make reading a good post easier to remember, as well as easier to read. They also add on-page SEO.

Thank You!