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Watch Your Conversion Rate Skyrocket When You Write Epic Content Using Golden Keywords

Are you like me and you dream of finding a keyword or niche that you can turn into hundreds (or even better) thousands of dollars per month in affiliate commissions?

Or maybe you’re just a small business owner who just wants your website to rank in Google for relevant product and service keywords?

Albeit, if you are like me then you keep telling your wife about your dream to justify all the time you’re spending hid away in a dark corner of your office or bedroom doing keyword research.

You know what? She doesn’t get Internet Marketing, which is why you need to show her the MONEY

Keyword ResearchWhat To Look For In A Keyword Tool:

  •  Makes Keyword Research Easy
  •  Saves Time By Ruling Out Bad Keywords
  •  Queries Against Real Google Data
  •  Allows Easy Analysis Of The Research Data
  •  Doesn’t Hang-up With Captcha Boxes
  •  Helps Find And Target Profitable Niches
  •  Increases Organic Traffic Through Relevance
  •  Improves Opportunities For More Income

Start creating epic content today that resonates above your competition because you’re targeting valid search terms, with low competition keywords, and high commerciality. By applying these SEM best practices you’ll be well on your way towards making passive income and fulfilling your dream of living on the beach and drinking Piña Coladas!

In a moment we’ll unpack multiple keyword software tools that can help you focus your efforts on trending content. But first, let’s take care of an important question lurking in your mind.

Is there still time for you to start a new blog or e-commerce site?

Yes! There are still keywords and niches that can fulfill your dream of earning passive income. But I’d be flat-out lying if I didn’t tell you there is a hitch…

To find these precious words in today’s jam-packed Internet Marketing world you need an edge against Google algorithm changes that can tank your website overnight and Search Engine Marketing Ninjas who can out-rank you for any keyword or phrase you choose for your niche.

Yes, your dream can still come true but not without time, patience and use of a software tool that parses real keyword data and outputs Gold Nuggets (low competition keywords with high commerciality).


If you’re new to Blogging, eCommerce, or Social Media, don’t waste your time writing posts or product reviews until you do keyword research.


It’s because there’s nothing more disappointing than to pour your heart and soul out on a blog post about your favorite hobby and nobody reads it except your spouse, kids, and mom. 🙁

Or worst, nobody clicks your advertisements or buys your stuff…

This sounds pretty depressing, right? 🙁

But it’s the real world of Internet Marketing and it happens all the time to people who don’t do keyword research, first.

Best Keyword Software Review Begins Now!

Best Keyword Software Contender #1: Google’s Keyword Planner Tool


google keyword planner 2016Google Keyword Planners is free, all you need to do is create an AdWords account. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy any ads to use the keyword tool.

The Keyword Planner will work to get you started but it doesn’t give you all the data you need to fulfill your dream of living off passive income.

Let me save you a few years of stumbling around lost.

After almost a decade at this game – like most SEMs, I’ve read almost all the skyscraper posts about keyword research including Brian Dean’s own post where he shared his definitive guide on keyword research.

But in the end, it still comes down to the same thing, which is having the best keyword software tools that can give you the data needed to target the right products and services.


It’s because before guys like Brian spend any time on a marketing campaign, they do their homework up-front on what and who they are going up against. They want to know:

  • Who is the Competition?
  • How many Backlinks, and how good are they?
  • How many Searches Per Month does the keyword get, and what are the related LSI words?
  • Who are the SEMs they are up against? Yes, who are they up against because many of these guys are buddies! (You can add this one to your skyscraper post!)

To get all this information, there’s no way around having data that comes from tools…


If you’re just starting out you have no idea what you’re up against. But on the other hand, also how lucky you are because there are so many tools that do the grunt work for you if you can pay the price for them…

Did I mention that there are SEM Ninjas who know every trick in the book on how to out-rank you on any keyword or phrase you pick for your product review blog post or e-commerce product description?

As a newbie, your only advantage is to stay ahead of these guys and find keywords that these Ninjas don’t waste time on because there isn’t enough return on investment. Although, this doesn’t keep all the other newbies from competing with your niche and writing their own reviews about the same video games, cell phones, dog leashes or garlic presses.

That’s right!

Not only are you going to battle it out with giants like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but you will also find yourself watching out for anyone who scrapes your website(s) with tools that are mining for your hard work.

Don’t believe me…

What do you think SEMs do?

They scrape websites and create spreadsheets with all your keyword data and put it in nice little columns with competition, backlinks, searches per month, AdWords value, etc.

Fair, it’s not about fair. Even the most popular guys whose podcast you love to listen to scrape keywords.

And furthermore, most of today’s SEMs are not cheap. Take this to heart because it’s true.

They’ve learned along the way it’s not worth trading 20 hours a week of their valuable time for a $100 in AdSense commissions.

Moreover, it’s better to trade $100 a month on a tool that saves 20 hours a week so they can target money keywords that they find scraping websites while lounging around at their beach house.

As the saying goes, If you can’t beat them, join them.

For the record, I didn’t have $100 per month for tools when I started my blog in 2007…


Over the years guys like us have invested a lot of time and money on keyword research tools.Some work and some are junk! But you won’t know until you try it out.

Best Keyword Software Contender #2: Market Samurai

market samurai 2016I still crank-up Market Samurai once in a while but mostly, I’ve stopped using it.

Although, I remember the first time I heard about Market Samurai. Yup, back in the day it was the best thing that ever happened and when Pat Flynn posted about his success, just like most newbies, I bought a copy off Pat’s affiliate link.

I think the price was $97 for the full edition with unlimited support and updates. I spent hours in the Market Samurai Dojo watching training videos.

How easy it was back then to find low competition keywords with a high commerciality. My tech blog went off the rails and I was raking in AdSense and Amazon affiliate commissions like crazy.

But as good things must come to an end, Google made changes and my Market Samurai Software had to be updated.

Market Samurai was never the same after they started using Bing instead of Google for SERP data and Majestic instead Google for search metrics.

What a backlash this caused!

I remember overnight how Market Samurai dropped from being the Best Keyword Software.

Everyone knew you don’t use BING or Majestic for doing keyword research for Google…

This event blew the door off the hinges for SEMs and we needed new keyword research tools now.

I quickly found Traffic Travis and started using the free version. Until I knew it worked I wasn’t paying $90+ per year for the full version which also requires another subscription to a 3rd party to do what Market Samurai used to do.

During the time all this was going on I wrote a post comparing Traffic Travis with Market Samurai. For a while, my review was a pretty hot post because of all the SEOs and Internet Marketers who were trying to find a new keyword research tool.

Even Pat Flynn reversed his endorsement of Market Samurai and commented about the change in a podcast and how he would look at other tools. Read the post by Pat: Is This the End of the Market Samurai Dynasty?

After my review, I tried using Traffic Travis but I just couldn’t get the hang of it and I was annoyed by all the captchas. Seems everything would hang-up and require typing in a captcha.

On a positive note though, Traffic Travis could pull SERPS from Google, Bing, and Yahoo, which was great – but the software still seemed less than what I was used to.

The free version is still loaded on my computer, somewhere…

Best Keyword Software Contender #3: Long Tail Pro

long tail pro 2016LTP Old Look with MOZ

Along came Long Tail Pro and Pat, and many other Internet Marketers immediately started to endorse LTP on their podcast.

Finally a replacement for Market Samurai that offered similar search metrics, and a new buzzword called “long tail keywords.”


Everything you could do with Market Samurai and more…

Quickly Long Tail Pro grew in popularity and pretty much everyone was using it and became affiliates.

Not only did LTP use Google data but it was also integrated with MOZ who was one of the leading SEO companies, and the inventor of Domain Authority and Page Authority. DA and PA eventually replaced Google’s own, PR or Page Rank.

Things were really sweet for SEOs who purchased Long Tail Pro and then added the Premium Subscription.

The LTP premium subscription add-on added Keyword Competition and other features like loading your own keywords into the tool that you wanted research vs just picking a single word and it pulling all the related keywords through Google’s AdWords API. The original Market Samurai also did this.

Yup, with LTP it became so easy to find killer keywords, just find words that had a KC of 30 and you could easily rank the keyword on page one with basic SEO best practices.

Long Tail Pro was $47 in the beginning with a $17 monthly subscription on top. BTW, LTP was/is still very useful without the subscription if combined with SEMrush or Jaaxy.

Search the web and you’ll find more blog posts that promote LTP than any other keyword research tool. That’s right, we had finally found a replacement for Market Samurai, and it was better.

Life was good again…


As you may have noticed, we recently rolled out a rather large update to Long Tail Pro.

Going forward, we will be replacing Moz metrics with Majestic metrics. If you’re interested in learning about why we decided to make this change, check out this blog post that Spencer put up on Niche Pursuits.

This paragraph is from a recent email I received last month.

Now, where have I heard these words before?

WAIT! Isn’t MOZ now the de-facto standard for page and domain rank?

So how can Majestic be better?

Does this mean I can go back to Market Samurai who I left because it started using Majestic, too?

LTP 2016LTP New Look with Majestic

Fast-forward and now once again, history repeats itself and we have Long Tail Pro switching from MOZ to Majestic and citing that Majestic is better.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of my brain, I think I have heard this before.

I’m having flashbacks about all the time I wasted hunting for a replacement to Market Samurai and all the flop reviews I wrote using poor keyword data that wasn’t any good. Not again!

We’ve heard this before…

But I guess this time it could be true. Maybe Majestic is better than MOZ.


But if this is true why are there so many comments from frustrated LTP customers?

And why was the LTP team so slow to come forth with a clear way to use the new metrics?

The KC metric used to be 30. Now you need to look for a Page CF: Below 35, Page TF: Below 20, Domain CF: Below 55, Domain TF: Below 40. Seems complicated. You can read more about the new metric on the Long Tail Pro blog if you want.

As a long time LTP customer, I agree with the comments and the numbers now just don’t add up like they used to with MOZ.

Not to mention we went from only 1 number to need 4 numbers. This kind of reminds me of the original Market Samurai golden rule filter. What happened to easy?

Low competition high commerciality keywords are everything for Internet Marketers!

And the lower the competition and higher the keyword’s traffic the better, especially if there’s buyer intent.


Nobody would know who Pat Flynn is today if he hadn’t written about his website duel with Tyrone and how he used Market Samurai.

When Pat documented his strategy and posted Market Samurai screenshots, and detailed how he ranked his website using a link wheel, it was what so many newbies were looking for. That series of posts launched Pat into what he is today, fortunate.

Best Keyword Software Alternatives for Long Tail Pro…

Gone are the days when Google will let anyone do what Pat did back in 2010 and earlier.

And today, there are thousands of newbie Internet Marketers reading old posts and wondering why the strategies don’t work.

Today’s Pro knows ‘he’ or ‘she’ who has the best data wins.

A lot has changed since most of today’s top Internet Marketers were gaming the system with link wheels and Brian Dean was building 1-page niche sites.

Let’s cut to the chase…

Don’t waste your time or money on any keyword software tools that doesn’t get its data from a source of authority such as Google or MOZ. And, Majestic!

SEMrush is the Best Alternative for Long Tail Pro (Large Budget)


semrush 2016Plain and simple.

SEMrush is the king of keyword research tools in the higher price range.

You will pay $69 per month for the Pro (basic) subscription and the price ramps up per month from $149 for Gurus to $549 for the Business subscriptions. Click here to get SEMrush NOW!


semrush pricingJaaxy is the Best Alternative for Long Tail Pro (Small Budget)jaaxy pro 2016


Above is my Jaaxy dashboard with a ‘Garlic Press’ Keyword Search. All the green dots mean low competition.jaaxy one platform


Bet you never hear of Jaaxy, right?jaaxy niche research


I hadn’t heard of Jaaxy either until I started looking for an alternative for LTP. But now I use both tools together…

Jaaxy is only $19 per month and there’s a free trial.jaaxy pricing


I wasn’t kidding when I said to make the most out of your time and watch your conversion rates skyrocket!

If you already own a copy of LTP, you can combine its power with Jaaxy like I do.

Or, if you want the best keyword software, then don’t waste time and subscribe to SEMrush.

But for less than 1/3 the price on the basic SEMrush subscription, Jaaxy can give Long Tail Pro a BOOST now that MOZ is out of the picture.

Remember this – regardless which keyword research software you decide to choose…

Drinking Piña Coladas on a beach only comes to those with the best tools, best data, best systems, and in today’s world, the best relationships.

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